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Alwazah Tea

Alwazah Tea is a one hundred percent natural product. A regular intake of Alwazah Tea not only refreshes you but contributes to a healthy life style. Alwazah Tea contains catechins which help to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Alwazah Green Tea contains antioxidants which help to prevent cancer formation.


Obtain the quality of Alwazah Tea most suitable for your taste.
Into a porcelain tea-pot, measure one teaspoonful of Alwazah Tea per person and one for the pot.

Take the pot to the kettle and pour in freshly drawn water which has just started to boil and leave to stand for five minutes
The brewing tea could be stirred half way through.

Pour out into cups, add sugar or lemon if desired.

Enjoy your Alwazah Tea.

For tea bags
Place one tea bag per cup, take it to the kettle and follow procedure as detailed above.

To brew Green Tea
Measure one teaspoonful of Alwazah Green Tea per person. Hot but not boiling water should be poured over the leaves in a pot or small cup. Leave to stand for one to one and half minutes. Enjoy your Alwazah Green Tea.

To preserve quality
Use one pack of Alwazah tea at a time and re-seal pack after each use. Do not store Alwazah Tea with items that have strong odours such as soaps/detergents, coffee, spices, cosmetics, etc.

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