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First Annual HOME Markets KSU International Festival

September 17, 2011

Come explore the world!

International HOME Markets KSU your local international convenient store and Main Street Kent will be putting on the First Annual International Festival right here in downtown! There will be many activities, musical entertainment, professional dancers, Karaoke , food, clothing and much much more of cultures from all over the world. Special Sky Lantern Lighting party at 8pm, available for purchase at HOME Markets. More details to come, don’t miss out on the biggest festival Kent has ever seen!

KentOhioUnited States of America ( August 6, 2011 — FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


KENT, Ohio – Students and residents of the city of Kent will have a chance to experience new countries and cultures from the comforts of downtown Kent.

Visitors are encouraged to dress in clothing that represents their native countries. There will be games, food and prizes. Vendors will be lined up and offering internationally themed products as well as prepared food.

Downtown businesses will showcase flags from various countries in their windows, in an effort to acknowledge the diversity of the city of Kent.

Acorn Alley will house a tent that will feature international beer and wine. There will also be performances from a range of cultures, as well as free giveaways for children. This event will definitely have something for everyone. Anyone interested in being a performer or vendor is asked to please email the address below for application details.

Established in 2010, International HOME Markets is a student owned and operated business that reunites students from faraway lands with the comforts of home, while introducing other students to new and exciting food and products. The store is located at 154 East Main Street Suite D in Kent, Ohio.

Main Street Kent is a non-profit organization that is committed to revitalizing downtown Kent, Ohio. It was founded in 2006. Their offices are located at 138 E. Main Street, Suite 201B.

International HOME Markets KSU
154 East Main Street Kent Suite D, OH 44240


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HOME Markets KSU grand opening festival!




The name Ramune is derived from the English word for Lemonade. Ramune Soda is very popular in Japan. Ramune comes in a rainbow of flavors, including some rare, such as wasabi, kimchi, bubble gum, and curry. If you’re new to Ramune, you might have a trouble opening the bottle; it comes sealed with a fun marble that acts as a stopper. Can you get the marble out without breaking the bottle? An Asian drink with a challenge! We currently carry original and strawberry flavors 

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Grass Jelly Drink

This is one of traditional drink in Taiwan.
Grass Jelly Drink is made by natural boiling grass and it is good for health. It can relieve your thirst quickly. It comes in four flavors, we carry coconut.


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Horlicks Malt Drink 800g Glass Jar

Horlicks is the name of a company and a malted milk hot drink it is manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline in the United Kingdom, India and Jamaica.

India is by far the biggest market for Horlicks, where it has traditionally been marketed as “The Great Family Nourisher.” Horlicks is available in many different variants in India.

In some countries, such as the Philippines and Malaysia, Horlicks was also sold as milky-chocolate-flavored disks in paper packets, which were then eaten as candy. Horlicks remains popular in Malaysia and Singapore.

In Hong Kong, Horlicks is known better as a café drink. It is served at cha chaan tengs as well as fastfood shops such as Café de Coral and Maxim’s Express. It can be served hot or cold, and is usually sweetened with sugar. It is almost always made with warm milk, and ice is added to it if a cold drink is desired.

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WuFuYuan – Green Tea Tapioca Pearl (Net Wt. 8.8 Oz.)

Green Tea Tapioca Pearls,Tapioca Pearls Made With Green Tea Powder,Add to Milk Tea to Make Your Own Bubble Tea!,Ready in 5 Minutes,Product of China

Ingredients Tapioca Starch, Green Tea Powder, Water, Sodium Hydrogen Diacetate (SDA), Dehydroacetic Acid (DHA) Green (Blue No.1 & Yellow No.%)
IngredientsSetElement Tapioca Starch, Green Tea Powder, Water, Sodium Hydrogen Diacetate (SDA), Dehydroacetic Acid (DHA) Green (Blue No.1 & Yellow No.%)
IngredientsSetElement Tapioca Starch, Green Tea Powder, Water, Sodium Hydrogen Diacetate (SDA), Dehydroacetic Acid (DHA) Green (Blue No.1 & Yellow No.%)

Manufacturer Shanghai Zhoushi Foodstuffs Co. Ltd.


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Temple of Heaven China Green Tea Special Gunpowder

Product Description
The best Gunpowder Green Tea is Temple of Heaven Brand. It’s not only famous in China but also all over the world.Gunpowder Green Tea derives its name from the shape of its finished tea. The very dark green tea leaves have been rolled into little pellets which look like gunpowder to some connoisseurs.Meanwhile people call it Gunpowder Because: The tea is so well curled and tightened which looks like a small ball or pearl; when you put the tea into your hands, you feel it is heavy; when you pour boiling water into the tea, you can see all large tea leaves spreading out immediately just like explosion. Good Gunpowder Tea uses older tea leaves unlike other varieties of green tea. Tea steeped from Gunpowder has a dark golden color, roasted or toasted taste with a strong aftertaste lingering in the front palette, and a strong roasted or toasted aroma. You can also judge the quality of Gunpowder Green by its appearance. The well tightened and curled tea looks like tiny pearl with dark-green shining color.


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